• The Erasmus+ project results platform

    It is the database of the European Commission for the Erasmus+ programme. It contains descriptions of all projects funded within the framework of the program, including contact information of participating organizations, as well as the results of completed projects, with links to websites.

  • Spanish Agency for the internationalization (SEPIE)

    SEPIE is the Autonomous Body, dependent on the Ministry of Universities, which acts as a National Agency for the management, dissemination, promotion and impact studies of the Erasmus+ programme in the field of Education and Training.

  • eTwinning

    This platform provides educational teams with tools to learn, communicate, collaborate, and develop projects in collaboration with European centres and using new communication and information technologies.

  • What is eTwinning?

    YouTube video explaining what eTwinning is (Spanish).

  • What is eTwinning Live?

    Link where eTwinning Live is explained (Spanish).

  • Europass

    Europass is a personal electronic dossier, consisting of an electronic CV and a portfolio of documents (the passport of competences) in which we can compile the other Europass documents: the Passport of languages, the Europass supplements and the Mobility document as well as other important documents such as certificates of studies or work.

  • The European porflio of languages (PEL)

    The European Portfolio of Languages (PEL) is a personal document promoted by the Council of Europe in which those who have learned a language outside the school can record their experiences on language and culture learning and reflect on it.