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The last meeting of the Erasmus project KA202 was held from 5th to 6th July 2022, at the Tekniske Skole in Roskilde, Denmark, which is one of the partners participating in the project coordinated by the Marianao School. All partners provided information from their project to the coordinator of the project, about the impact of the project in their schools, among other information, so that the coordinator of the project Meritxell Isus could include this information in the final report of the project that will evaluated by the national agency, SEPIE.

Finally the project has come to an end, it has been a great challenge to apply for and carry out a project of this magnitude and we are very pleased with all the experiences that our students have been able to enjoy altogether with other students from foreigner countries.

We definitely think that this project has been a big step in the internationalization of the Marianao organization.

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